welcome 2014!

happy belated new year! with changes happening everywhere it seems, i haven't made it here to write in the past week. my babe is teething…again... (his fifth!) and growing like crazy and we've been working on a few other things that we cannot wait to share. but we are back and excited about the many things that will accompany this new year. 

i am one of those people who loves resolutions. the past couple weeks i have reflected a lot on what i would like my life to be, not just this year, but for the rest of my life. i geared my goals towards a way of living instead of a to-do list. i've found in past years this helps me to continue to work on them throughout the year, instead of forgetting or getting burnt out two weeks in. i have a couple of simple goals that revolve around spending more time with god, myself, my marriage, and going after dreams i've had for years. i am making an effort to spend everyday doing things i enjoy and carving out time for myself, while wes naps. not caring for myself (at all) is something i noticed weighed heavily on me towards the end of last year and i'm excited to incorporate it into my life. 

as far as this blog, i love it and will always use it as a creative outlet, but i'll simply be cutting back to posting a few times a week to make room for goals mentioned above and other interests in my life. one of those things being my photography site going up (yay!) and pursuing that lifelong dream of mine. (more on that later)

2014 just feels good. i haven't had a new year ever feel like this. i feel excited and empowered and like the sky is the limit. i'm a sucker for a clean slate and i just love that we have the opportunity to start fresh and go after new things. i hope each of you has reflected on what you can better in your life and make this new year count!