wesley's first road trip

our trip down to arizona was wesley's first road trip. even though he has always loved the car, i was a little nervous since it was such a long drive. without going into all the details, the ride down was pretty rough. we stopped in vegas for the night and continued in the morning. when we arrived my mom was there and her and wesley met for the first time. it was so special to say the least. we had so much fun setting up for the wedding and all being together. seeing friends and family was definitely just what i needed. 

my brother couldn't have found a better girl for him and i am so excited for these two. most of us had never met emy in person yet, so i enjoyed getting to know her. it was heartwarming to see him and his new bride together and to witness how happy they are together. the week went so quickly and before i knew it we were back on the road again. thankfully wesley did amazing on the way home and took a lot of naps. we can't wait to come back again!