to great-grandmothers house we go

this past weekend darren ended up having saturday off, so we hopped in the car and headed south a few hours. we have been meaning to make it down there to spend time with darren's grandparents and this couldn't have been a better time. i was looking forward to warmer weather, but they were delighted with snow that actually stayed on the ground. it was still gorgeous though. we went shopping and ate and enjoyed the hot tub and marveled at the red rock. wes even took his first moves forward crawling while we were there. 

i'm really grateful i got to know darren's grandparents better this weekend. they have an incredible story. they were both married with children and the two couples were friends for many years. after frank and judy's spouses both passed away at really young ages (and within a few years of each other), they helped each other grieve and eventually realized they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together, rather alone. it's now been ten years since they married and not only do they finish each others sentences, but they speak so kindly of each other both when the other person is around and when they are not. they travel everywhere and have adventures together. they have fun and laugh and lift each other up. i noticed how they are so invested in each other. one thing judy mentioned is that they find interests to enjoy together instead of doing things apart, unlike many of their friends. it was just so touching to see two people so in love. at one point darren's grandma was talking about losing her husband and learning to love again. she said you choose happiness everyday. it really touched me because i have been so down lately. those simple words helped me to see it's up to me to create the life i want. 

what i thought would be just a fun weekend turned into my eyes being opened to how to love my spouse better and live each day happily. i look up to them in so many ways because they are what i want to be when i grow up. so thank you for the life lessons, grandparents. you are amazing. oh, and they love wesley more than life!