real pancakes made with real ingredients

pancakes always bring back childhood memories for me. it seems almost every saturday my mom would whip up dozens of pancakes for our brood and we would compete to see who could eat the most. we like 'em thin, so to eat ten in one setting was easy. in our own marriage the tradition has continued. most the time darren brings them to me in bed on a sunday morning and it makes me so happy! we have changed recipes though, to fit in with our new eating habits. 

this recipe really is just so good. i decided to try coconut oil instead of butter to grease the pan and oh my. heavenly. it gives it a slight twist that is to die for. top it with some homemade syrup and you'll be thanking me. enjoy!

you will need:

one and a half cups un-bleached whole wheat flour
three and a half teaspoons baking powder
one tablespoon organic sugar
one teaspoon salt
one and one fourth cups organic milk
one egg
coconut oil (for cooking)

homemade syrup:
two cups organic sugar
one cup water
one and a half teaspoons mapeline