here + there

the christmas season is in full swing at our house, with the first snowfall of the year to top it off. yesterday we woke up to a blizzard in our front yard and i was so excited to take wes out in it. the first snowfall is always my favorite because it's pure white, untouched and perfect. the night before, we went and got our tree, listened to christmas music and decorated our home. it was amazing. we stopped by the store for some things and realized the tree we got was twenty bucks over priced. somehow it didn't matter because we realized we found the perfect tree with our boy. it's a joy to go through all of the seasons and holidays experiencing things with him for the first time. everything is more magical and special with him around. 
i turn into a hermit once winter hits, so i've found myself having to get creative with what we do during the day. there's a lot of looking out the window, nursing, naps, eating and playing. we still get out for a walk everyday, which is super refreshing even in the cold. wes is getting more curious and independent and enjoys his door bouncer and playing with his friends (toys). it's bittersweet watching him grow and explore things outside of me, but i love it all the same. oh and he's the best helper with laundry! this year we are keeping it simple with gifts and everything has been bought so that we can enjoy the season and focus on the true meaning of christmas. we hope you can do the same!