eating solids

(him enjoying sweet potato ^) three weeks ago we gave wes his first taste of people food. he had been showing signs for a couple weeks before that and we felt like it was time he explore. i think i was more excited for this than anything else. it's just the cutest thing watching him eat what we eat and it amazes me that he is already old enough to be eating solids. his first taste was of a banana and he didn't like it at all! we thought since he is always putting things in his mouth that he would go for it, but he just smashed it on the plate. now once he gets over the funny texture, he likes whatever we give him. darren and i just die over all the funny faces he makes when trying a new food. so far he has had banana, avocado, sweet potato, carrots and homemade rice cereal. we're starting out slow (once a day) and still nursing as usual, which is what i plan on doing until he's done with it. but we sure are enjoying this new world of food!