cheers to a new year

(photo credit topher delancy)

(below photo credit lauren taylor)

last week i went through and cleaned out all of the photos from this past year so i could put them on my hard drive and make room on my computer for new pictures. i do this every year and have always loved looking through our life of the past year and remembering the special memories we’ve had. the reason i love photographs so much is because they catch details that i would not otherwise remember. they bring back the feelings i felt in that moment and it’s as if i am reliving it. this year was no different and i found it hard to delete even blurry pictures because they all represent something.

the past year has been so full of love and so full of new adventure! in a way i don't want it to end because it has been so special for the fact that i became a mother. saying goodbye to the year that he was born in sort of makes it feel like time will move even faster and his first birthday will be here before we know it. the things i have experienced in the last few months have forever changed me and i am so grateful for all that we have gone through as a family. darren and i have a few goals for the new year and we are so excited for things to come. our hope is that you all have had an amazing year and make the coming year unforgettable. happy new year!!

(below photo credit lauren taylor)

(below photo credit larry reeves)