six months

sweet baby, i cant believe we are already at a half of a year. you’re still such a baby so it’s hard to believe you were ever tinier than you are now. as you grow, i grow too. it’s amazing to see pieces of myself and your dad in you. with every passing day i realize that we have always been one. since the night we brought you home you have loved being with us and it has taught me the new meaning of family. where we go, you go. when you hurt, we hurt. we enjoy the same laughter, and go through the seasons of change together. spending our days with you just makes sense.

earlier this month your two teeth finally pulled through. i love seeing those pearly whites when you smile. somehow you get across the room, rolling or scooting, and you're so eager to crawl. you love to stroke our faces and hold my hand while nursing. showers are an absolute favorite of yours and have actually put you to sleep on two occasions. last week i was holding you in the shower and you gazed and smiled at me for the longest time, then softly closed your eyes. i was in awe and cried because it was truly one of the most tender moments of my life. you never stop surprising me with your sweet spirit. you make a turtle face that gets us laughing every time. your dad is the sunshine in your life and you will do anything to get away from me once he's around. i love how you adore him. last week we gave you your first food, a banana. you didn't like the texture, but have warmed up to eating the more varieties we let you try. a few days ago you started sitting entirely on your own and you look so big doing it. you giggle easier and more often, which we enjoy so much. with all of these new experiences, i can see you are growing rapidly before my eyes. i have really loved this stage and enjoy witnessing your personality surface. even though it's bittersweet you are growing quickly, i find a lot of happiness in watching. you really are the light of our lives.  

happy half birthday, my beautiful boy.