seattle :: part 1

i'm still just dying over these pictures. basically it's a bunch of baby cuteness wrapped into one tiny trip. wes and i went to seattle on wednesday with my best friends from arizona. we met them at the airport and the fun began promptly! the first day we walked to the market and down by the water. we also visited the famous gum wall. of course i recognized everything because they filmed an episode of the bachelor there. we enjoyed delicious pizza at mod pizza and a tour of the city by our online friend (who's now our real life friend) lauren and her cherub of a babe, ruby. i'm still amazed at how nice it was of her to take us around for two days and let us use her stroller when i needed it. she's pretty awesome! we also lucked out on good weather. it was cold but not rainy until the end and even the temps weren't too bad. i tried to pick only my favorites so there wasn't a million pictures, but it didn't work out too well. but who doesn't love baby spam?

on thursday we decided to go up in the space needle and have lunch in the rotating restaurant. one of the coolest experiences! it was nice because we could see everything and lauren explained what was what. the food was absolutely delicious and we got to go on the roof afterwards. it was incredible. afterwards we met with liz and her adorably cheeky baby, olive. we've all been dying to meet in real life for quite some time, so this was a big deal! we were giddy to say the least. everyone was staring and smiling at us walking through downtown seattle with our babes and it was just so funny. we explored and ate the rest of the day, ending the night with lauren and her husband at a cute little restaurant. the city was so gorgeous and i was surprised at how friendly the seattle-ites were. everywhere we went people smiled and made conversation. i'm also so proud of how well the babies did. we carted them everywhere and they were such troopers and happy almost the whole time. (our second half of the trip will be shared tomorrow)