halloween for gus gus

since wes was teeny tiny and it was apparent he had a double chin, i wanted him to be gus from cinderella for his first halloween. he's not chunky anywhere else really, but the CHIN! i can't handle his sweetness with that chin. 
darren and i have never dressed up since knowing each other and every year we just spend the night watching scary movies. this year was so fun, i wish we weren't so lame/cheap in past years. we decided i could be the pre-princess cinderella and he could be the other mouse, jaq (i had to google his name). being the most amazing husband he is, darren was more than willing to match his son and be a mouse. the things he'll do for our boy! 
we took wes to a trunk or treat over the weekend and then to his grandparents/great grandparents on the actual night. it was the perfect halloween night with the golden leaves scattered on the ground and a chill in the air. i loved watching the kids run around the streets and kept thinking how fun next year will be when we can watch our baby do real trick-or-treating. he already loved grabbing the candy and chewing on the wrappers. he even chewed through the wrapper of a tootsie roll when we weren't looking! oops. we had a blast dressing up and making memories of his first halloween. we hope you all had an enjoyable and safe one, too!