farewell october

this past weekend we wanted to get out one last time before the weather drops and it gets freezy. october blessed us with amazing weather and it was still pretty warm until halloween, which i appreciate very much. we were also anxious to put wes in his kelty backpack now that he can hold his head up really well. that thing is amazing. now i know why darren wanted it so badly! and look how much he loved it, falling asleep and everything. basically we just love any and all forms of wearing our boy. 

some of our friends joined us and of course the boys had to do some fishing. these guys are serious when it comes to fishing, as you can see in the picture. the one of them four walking along the river just cracks me up. and the fact that wes is strapped to darren, just one of the guys.... it makes me happy. the evening was a perfect night to welcome the coming month.  happy november!