adventures in cloth diapering

i started playing with the idea of cloth diapering when i was just barely pregnant. we decided it would be the best thing to do cost wise in the long run and help the environment. we figured it would be expensive upfront, but when we have more children we will save so much money. it was an investment and after wesley came and we saw how many diapers he was going through, we were glad to have made the decision. we've now been using them exclusively for about two months and i love it. at first i was a little overwhelmed and couldn't see how it would work. but once i found a system and routine, things went much smoother. other than a couple extra loads of laundry a week, cloth diapers aren't harder than disposable. if you are thinking about it, i want you to know that! and lets be honest, laundry is never ending anyway. i'm at home most of the day, so it's not a big deal for me. but it does take care, time and commitment, so i can see why it's not for everyone. we use bum genius 4.0 one size fits all and have been impressed with the brand and durability. we also got two lotus bumz brand and i love those ones as well. not to mention the absolute cuteness of a baby bum in a cloth diaper! other perks to cloth diapering is that he has never had diaper rash and will most likely learn to potty train at a younger age.

some things i've discovered along the way:

create a station creating stations in your home makes changing diapers in general a lot easier. we keep wipes and diapers easily accessible in three rooms in the house. i keep diapers organized and folded in a bin to keep things quick and easy.
wash days you will need to soak and wash your diapers, but how often depends on how many diapers you have and what the brand recommends for their specific diapers. i soak and wash ours every other night and hang them to dry during the day. having specific days helps keep things organized. 
leaking the only time we have leaks are when we wait too long to change him, but no baby should sit in their pee for longer than two hours anyway. 
stuff your diapers after everything is dry, stuff your diapers with the inserts so you don't have to do it while changing a diaper. i like to do this while watching tv at night and then they are ready for the next day.
sun soak i read that a sun soak did wonders with stains, but i was still kind of skeptical. i thought it would take out some of the stain but not all of it and i was wrong. even in cold weather when the sun is out of sight, the stains come out. it's amazing!
buy as you go this was something i thought of early on to make buying the initil stock of diapers less expensive. each month during my pregnancy i would buy a couple, so by the time he came we had enough. we also would buy ours from stores, not online, where we could use coupons. i've never bought a diaper at full price. (buy buy baby sells the brand we use and i was able to use a 20% off coupon every time)
use disposable while out we still buy disposable to have just in case and i use them when i am out and about a lot of time. sometimes i use cloth, but a lot of time i use deposable to avoid having smelly and messy diapers in my car. obviously this is your call, but for us we don't mind using a couple disposable a day to keep things easy.
sizes because the diapers are padded, you might have to go up in sizes depending on the item of clothing. this isn't a huge issue for us because most of his pants have extra room.