( photos from our walk this morning in the fall beauty taken with the new lens darren got me! )
a couple of months ago i got the urge, like i often do, to go through old boxes and throw things away. i came across a list i had made when i was a teenager, of goals for where i wanted to be in five to ten years. i wrote three things down: get married, have a career and have a child. to realize i've fulfilled the dreams i had for my life back then was so gratifying. i know they are simple things but they are the things that matter to me. 

today is my twenty-fifth birthday. this morning as i laid in bed and listened to my husband and son downstairs making me breakfast, my heart was full of gratitude. at no point in my life have i been more content than i am right now. i could have no material possessions and my life would be complete with those two by my side. when i look down the road ten more years, i still want the same things. my family and a life full of love. nothing is sweeter than that.