here + there

the past two weeks we’ve been without internet because the people we were “borrowing” it from put a password on it. it kinda blows, but on the positive side it’s helped get us out more.
i recently finished watching season two of parenthood and man, that show is good. i’ve cried in every single episode. it’s funny, heartwarming and so relatable. 
my husband is still hunting, this time for a deer, and it just plain stinks. i always say this toward the end.. i hate hunting season!
i’ve discovered that my hair is not too short for the holy sock bun. why didn’t anyone tell me what i was missing? it gives me a done look on that 4th day of dirty hair. (yes, that's a thing)
wesley has decided he only likes short and random naps, so we’re just going with it. this means a lot of  sling time and a tired mom. but of course, i love him all the same. he loves tummy time and we’ve been practicing learning to grab objects. mr. chewy the giraffe is his favorite right now. 
it's october! i bought some pumpkins and i love the way it makes our porch look like fall. 
this week i’m challenging myself to eating all natural, no preservatives, sweets or packaged food. i haven't given in yet and i love learning so many new things about food. it’s so interesting and very fun!