guest post :: the secret life of bee

i loved this recent post over at the secret life of bee and asked if i could share it here. it's a topic i believe needs to be talked about and shared. also, bri has the most adorable and authentic blog. check her out!

Dear E! News, 

I spent part of my evening watching your program because, although it is embarrassing, I will admit that celebrity gossip is a thing I enjoy. A third of the way through the episode I hear, "Up Next: See who is rockin' this post-baby body." I cringed a little but decided to continue. When the show returned, I was fed a good 5 minute segment with stories and pictures of recent celeb mothers and their bods after babes: their diets, their workout routines, how much weight has officially been lost, but oh don't worry, she still has a way to go.

I am just going to skip the "why?" and go with, "Can we stop this?" We are talking about woman that grew a human inside of them. Women that carried that human for up to 40 weeks to then push out of their body. Some even had it cut out of them. Not to mention that that new baby has most likely turned their world upside down. Most of them are getting little to no sleep, then add pains and discomforts from labor recovery, then add erratic, unpredictable hormones with maybe some postpartum in the mix and there you have it, a typical life after baby. How dare we look over all of that to praise something as trivial as a thinning waist line?

The fact that we put such an emphasis on weight and body image in this country makes me sick and rather angry. You are a major network that provides the gossip and the guilty pleasures and I get it: that is just what you're providing. But you have the power and influence over the content you put out. You have the ability to change this obsession and instead focus on healthy, real life goals and struggles and achievements. I fear the impact this fascination with a woman's size is having on every day women like me and my friends. What does it say when we place the worth of a woman on her body instead of her mind? You're praising woman like Kim Kardashian and Jenna Dewan for the intense diets and workout routines they have put themselves through after pregnancy. Feminism has come a long way in the last one hundred years but I start to really question how far after things like the "Royal Baby Reveal" when all anyone could talk about was Kate's body.

I do not currently have children but I know when I do it will be one of the happiest times of my life. And it won't be because I look great or even feel great. It will be because I was blessed with a child to love, to care for, to teach, and to watch grow. It will be one of the most challenging experiences of my life but one of the most important. It will stretch me thin and make me a better woman. All of the mother's I admire and revere have gained that respect because they have been more than a body. They have influenced the world with their love and compassion, their kindness and devotion, their heart and mind. These are the women I praise. These are the woman I hope to learn from and I hope my little sisters learn from. 

Woman are more than their bodies and I will speak that truth for as long as I live. I wish that you would be that voice as well.