five months old

five short months down the road and i am still falling in love with you more every day. i couldn't ask for a better little human to raise, you're that good. you have a sweet spirit, mellow personality and you bring joy to everyone you meet. you've learned to roll from your back to tummy and there is no stopping you now. you are also eager to sit, but can't stay up for longer than a few seconds. your very first tooth has broken through and it's a sharp one! i still can't believe we're already hitting these milestones. you love taking your binkie out with your hands and trying to put it back in your mouth. your feet are now constantly in the air. in the car your favorite thing is to talk to your self. mostly you love being with us and attacking our faces with your wet kisses. we adore you.

watching you grow is one of the biggest joys of my life. you fill me with so much happiness and i am beyond blessed to me your mama. even on the days when we are so tired and grumpy, i thank god for every piece of you.

happy five month birthday, sweet love.