a trip to the pumpkin patch

the other night we bundled up and took wesley to his first pumpkin patch. even though he isn't old enough to realize where we are, all of these holiday's are so much more exciting with him around. (he actually just stared at the flags in the air the whole time) this patch was the one darren grew up going to and it has a small, local and cozy feel to it. he hadn't been there in years and i loved watching him and wesley stroll through the isles together. those two are my heart and soul. we found a big one for us to carve and a tiny one for bebe to play with. we couldn't help ourselves! when the temperature gets cooler, sweaters and scarves come out and warm food is served, i can't help but get sentimental. i absolutely love this time of year. all of my memories from growing up seem to be around the holidays and now i am creating new ones with my little family. it's absolutely wonderful.