what wes wore

on him:
shirt carters
pants gifted

Instagram is a funny thing. I've met so many wonderful friends through that tiny little app and it's awesome. The pants wesley is wearing were sent to us from Whitney who I met through IG. She lives all the way in Australia and sent them just because. The kindness of others really amazes me sometimes and in turn makes me want to pass that service along. 

Also, I really enjoy being a mama. I realize this is the happiest I’ve ever been. Wesley teaches me to look past myself. He helps me make something of each day. I don’t get to sit around and waste my day with him around. I dream more and think big picture. He helps me let go of control and to laugh in times like when he has a blowout in above ^ brand new pants. Normally I would be annoyed, but now I see things like that aren't worth getting annoyed over. He helps me to seek a natural, healthy lifestyle because what goes in me, goes in him. He teaches me to slow down and enjoy the small moments. The past few days have been rough again with the teething (at least that’s what I assume it is) and sometimes I get frustrated. Frustrated because the fussiness is constant and frustrated that I can’t do much to help him. I get drained pretty quickly. And then I watch him while he sleeps and think of all these things that he’s teaching me. Selflessness, sacrifice, faith, unconditional love. I'm lucky to call him mine.