welcome fall

i love the start of a new season because it brings good change and an opportunity to start over in a way. it’s very refreshing for me. even though i love summer and this has been the best one of my life, i welcome fall. as i look back on the summer my heart gets heavy with happiness. it’s been a time of living on cloud nine while falling in love with my baby. i don’t regret how many days i spent staring at him or how messy my house got sometimes. i will remember the self discovery i’ve gone through and how much i’ve learned about myself in such a short time.  

i look back four (four!) years and realize it has been that long this month since i left home in arizona and came here for school.  it was another time of really finding out who i was and what i wanted my life to be. then there were the seasons of dating and falling in love with my husband. a time where life was simple and we were free to travel and be together. and then i look back to last fall, exactly a year ago tomorrow, when we found out wesley existed. i remember  being five weeks and wide awake all night thinking how i wouldn’t be able to wait nine whole months to meet him. time seemed like it would drag, but i didn’t see all that we needed to go through before he arrived. fast forward to today and i sit here with my four month old on our first really cold day of fall, listening to music in our pj’s. surreal. i think my whole point in writing this is to say there is a time and season for everything and there is good in each one. i know this season will fly by like every other, so i’m cherishing it and holding it close. 

this fall i’m looking forward to the beauty in the trees, yummy hot chocolate, wesley’s first halloween, my birthday, bundling up a baby, good tv shows and of course, comfy fall attire. here’s to welcoming whatever comes our way in the next few months. happy fall!