no-bake energy bites

so i’m a sweet toothed girl. i am realizing sweets probably will never be out of my life for good and i fully accept that. i’ve decided sunday evenings will be my dessert night since i’m faced with it each week and it’s probably good for my soul to indulge once and a while anyway. these little bites were recommended by a friend and i love them. i don’t think they give me energy, but they're super easy to make, pretty healthy and satisfy that craving. 
here it is: 

a cup of oatmeal

half cup raw almond butter
one-third cup honey
one cup coconut flakes
half cup ground flaxseed 
one tsp vanilla
one-fourth cup mini chocolate chips

mix all ingredients thoroughly, chill in the refrigerator for half an hour, roll into little balls. enjoy!

*the original recipe and website that i pinned them from can be found here