here + there

we've been up to a lot lately. darren's elk hunt starts this weekend, so he's been preparing for that over the past few weeks. cloth diapering is in full effect at our house and it's going quite well. for labor day we had a family reunion here in town and it was fun to see family and spend time together. we are now proud costco members and only spent $300 the first day we went. we had our first camping trip as a family of three. darren has started school and is doing so well at work. he amazes me at how well he balances everything with such a good attitude and is still available for me and wesley. we bought a second car finally after sharing one for the summer. it wasn't so bad having one car, but we wanted an older car that darren could take in the mountains and beat up. we love it! oh and wesley? he's been along for all of it, happy as can be. can you believe fall is here already?