a natural shampoo review

so. with my whole 'life transformation' of eating clean and healthy, i've also been cleaning out what i put on my body topically. luckily i'm running out of all my stuff at the same time, so it's a perfect time to get rid of all the useless crap in my bathroom and try a more natural approach. let me tell you, it is liberating! i've always loved to de-clutter and clean out my life on a regular basis, but getting rid of products i'm just holding onto for no reason just feels amazing. i'm an esthetician, so the amount of beauty products i have is kind of embarrassing. i've kinda been trained to think there are different products for everything. i have stuff that's never been opened from when i went to esthetics school and that was 4 years ago. smh. but that's not really the point. i've found with my research and reading in books that there are so many chemicals and toxins in the day to day products we use and it's hurting our bodies. there are natural ways to care for ourselves that makes things so much cleaner, easier and cheaper, in my opinion. also, i'm learning the more i eat clean and care for my body from the inside out, the less make up i need.

some products i've switched to:
coconut oil (used as a deep treatment hair mask, face moisturizer, lash lengthener, baby moisturizer etc.) 

i had a little trial and error of making my own shampoo. i tried one i found on pinterest for dry hair and it was too moisturizing leaving my hair very oily and dirty feeling. so, instead of spending more money on trying to make another one i was determined to find a natural shampoo out there. even though a lot of products say they are natural, they are not. i am now realizing this and learning to read labels. it's kinda crazy how company's can really put anything on their label even if it isn't true.

anyway, i found this shampoo at good earth and i'm hooked. i know every ingredient in it and it leaves my hair soft, smooth and shiny. i was kinda surprised how well it worked. it feels amazing to have control and know what i'm putting on my body. 

what are your favorite natural products?