a camping we went

we finally found a weekend to take wesley camping for the very first time. it was totally fun and he loved it. i wasn't sure about the bumpy roads, but they actually put him to sleep every time we went for a drive. this was the first time for me camping in a trailer and i definitely prefer it. obviously. i love camping but i don't love the hard ground and restless sleep that comes from sleeping in a tent. i know, i know.. that's what camping is.. so sue me. i'm a california girl. anyway, we got up there pretty late so we basically ate foil dinners and hit the sack. in the morning darren let me sleep and took wes on a drive (thank you thank you!) when they got back we ate breakfast and took another pretty drive. we were literally at the highest point, on top of the world. the aspens are my absolute favorite and darren is kind enough to stop every 5 seconds for me to take pictures. we've found a middle groud where darren can be in his element, scoping out hunting areas while i can photograph to my hearts content. it's pretty neat. we even saw wild cows! we left camp right as it started to rain and got lucky we didn't get stuck. down at the lake darren fished and we had lunch and by that time we were ready to go. every time we go up to the mountains and i remember the beauty of this earth, it makes me want to live in a cabin in the woods, living simply with my tiny family. something about the clean air and sounds and the fact that i saw stars for the first time in who knows how long. it's simple, magical and beautiful. it's been such a busy summer with a newborn and it was nice to leave the world for a minute and replenish my soul.