a baby daddy brag post

the past 4.5 days we have been without a daddy/husband around here. even though it was only a few days, it felt like two weeks. everyday i would pray he would get his elk so he could come home to us because i missed him not even a half hour after he left! all i have to say is props to all the single mommas out there. i cannot imagine doing it alone AND not having a partner each day to love and be loved by. taking care of wesley 24/7 hasn't been bad and we actually stayed busy while he was gone, but it was that talk-about-your-day and friendship that i missed. he didn't have great service so we could only send like a text once a day and i can only talk baby talk for so long. i kept thinking how much my life would blow without my man by my side. 
then the other day i saw something on IG that really made me sad. it was a girl asking for advice on what to do with the expectations of being a new mother. her man wanted the house cleaned, laundry done and dinner made when he got home-- yeah, that type of guy. i was appalled at how much he was asking of her and especially when she has a tiny 2 month old. obviously this guy is a loser and i won't go into how annoyed i was, but it made me reflect on my own situation. i have such a helpful husband and forget that others aren't blessed like i am. we really are a team and i love that. i have been able to enjoy wesley these first few months because he has helped clean and cook and play with the bebe. never complaining, just doing it because he wants to.  i am so thankful for him and i probably don't say it enough. our relationship is not perfect, but we focus on the good parts about each other. each day i see how he's on my side loving me and the new person i've become. i love him so much and we are so lucky to have him in our life.