4 months old

In your fourth month you laughed for the first time. That sound has been much anticipated and better than I imagined! I tried to think of what it might sound like but i wasnt even close. It sounds like you. Now that you are laughing, it makes you seem.. bigger. Up until this point you've just been small and quiet with a few noises here and there. You also saw rain for the first time. We had a huge tornado/storm type thing and we watched out the window as you took it all in, big eyed. I wish I could remember how I felt seeing and experiencing these types of things for the first time, but that's what's so great about watching you. I am experiencing it all over again through your eyes. When you wake up you stretch really big and your tiny body curls backwards. It's  my favorite thing in the world. Sometimes you cry when your teeth hurt, but that's about it. You're such a happy boy and you smile a lot. At church you get all the ladies with that smile. Also, you've been called a girl 3 times this week! Your hands are the most important thing to you right now. You push and pull and suck on them all day long. (drooling always ^) Now that you're more vocal you tell us what you want and sometimes even scream it. I see a little person forming in you and you really make me laugh. You will be rolling over any day now once you learn how to get your arm un-stuck. I'm recognizing how big you are getting and sometimes it makes me sad you're not new anymore. You're past the silent, newborn phase, but I guess that's okay. I enjoy our days together so much. I treasure each moment. My other favorite thing about you is when you look in the mirror. At first you look and see yourself, recognize it's you, look yourself up and down and then smile for days. You really really like yourself and think you're pretty cool. I thought it would do wonders to my self image if I did the same thing each time I looked in the mirror. I hope you never lose that and always remember how special you are. I hope you remember that you were handcrafted and made with so much love. You are a dream of a baby, Wesley D, and we love you very much. 

Happy four months earth side, sweet babe.