little traveler

for the past week and a half wes and i have been quite the travelers. last week we headed to AZ to visit my siblings and friends who haven't met him yet. he had his first plane ride and did so awesome. on the way there my sister was with me and helped us get there safely and i was grateful for that. the whole week was so fun and i loved seeing people who are important to me meet the little person i love most. it was a tougher week for him being out of his element and meeting so many people, but we survived. i was nervous for the way home flying alone, but he did so great on the plane and even got to hang out with some grandmas sitting next to us for a minute (i didn't have the heart to tell her no when she asked to hold him). i learned that when flying with an infant next time i need to bring three binkies because the one WILL fall on the floor or nasty airplane seat several times, be prepared to get a pat down going through security, and bring burp cloths for my baby who never spits up but decides to right before take off. but it really wasn't bad and i am so proud of how well he did with all that i put him through. then this week we went to visit my best friend and her family in southern california. it was so great to see them and to say they spoil him is an understatement. we love the quarto family. we really missed darren, though, and i probably wont ever go anywhere without him again! i realized how much he helps me and how hands on he is with wesley.  we really are a team and i appreciate all he does for us.