keeping it simple

i just read an article that i found through one of my favorite blogs, love taza, and it was so good i had to share. so good that it gave me chills and made me cry (but what doesn't make me cry these days??) wow... this is the whole point. it's what life is all about. slowing down and living in the moment. how often do we truly enjoy things around us? i've been conscious of this more since wesley was born because now i have a child who is counting on me. he's counting on my love, attention and time. everything to him is new and exciting and he is taking it all in. being on my phone and looking forward to the future are my habits to break, but i'm grateful i recognized this when he was a baby and not three years down the road like the woman in the story. i truly am enjoying everyday with this little boy and i'm grateful for the small, everyday moments i get with him.