in my diaper bag

i'm learning what makes going out and doing things with a baby easier and less stressful. i'm still new at this but i thought it would be fun to share some things i have found helpful and give a peek into what i carry around in my mom bag. it really isn't as much as i thought once everything goes in all the pockets. 

in the bag for me: my wallet, a water bottle, chapstick, deodorant, extra nursing pads
for him: extra socks and outfit, wipes, diapers, q-tips for boogies, blanket and an extra paci

other things to remember..

key chain when i get out of the car i clip my handy keychain onto my pants. this makes it so easy to lock and unlock the car without the hassle of trying to find them in my bag. such a silly thing, but makes things so much easier!

add on an hour it's all about planning. if it normally takes you an hour to get ready, add on another hour because almost always your baby will get hungry right before it's time to leave, need a diaper change or a bath.

babywear i know i've said how much i love baby wearing but ill say it again! it leaves my hands free while i'm at the store and then wes doesn't sit in his carseat all day. it's also great for dates and family activities. we aren't bound to our house and can still do most of the things we would normally do.

changing station in the car by creating a little station in the back of the car i don't worry about diapers or wipes when we go places. i keep them both in the back to make it quicker and i always know there will be some in the car in case i forget to throw them in my bag.

be prepared to nurse in the car i think we nurse in the car just as much as we do at home. i normally nurse him before or after we arrive somewhere and just do it in the car because i have room and privacy.

don't stay out past bedtime we learned this early on when we would be out late and wes wouldn't be able to settle down for bedtime once we got home. we assumed because he was little he would just go with the flow, but the poor guy just wanted to be in his own bed by 9 or earlier. i realized being out and about later would excite him making it harder for him to go to sleep. in my opinion it just isn't worth it. it's one of those things you sacrifice for the benefit of your baby and we are all happier when we get good sleep.