hungry for change

(my body and mind working hard during labor)
i've been wanting to change my eating habits now that i'm nursing but it's very overwhelming especially because i want a drastic change all at once. i've wanted and strived to be a healthy eater since i got sick in 2011 and had my gallbladder removed. i thought i was doing pretty good, but when it comes down to it i'm not close to where i want to be. i need to cut out preservatives, eat less gluten, sugar and implement much more natural choices. this is a daunting task and i feel so overwhelmed, but i know i need to do it and that i can do it. the quote below is from a movie i came across called "hungry for change". i highly recommend this documentary as it's helped me to see how important it is to feel good from the inside out. i'm grateful it was put in my path to inspire and motivate me. i'm so excited to get started.

"whatever you hold in your mind on a consistent basis is exactly what you will experience in your life" anthony robbins

i completely, whole heartedly agree with this. the things we think, good or bad, eventually become our reality. i don't want to ever feel like i am not good enough because of the way i look or don't look on the outside, but more importantly how i feel about myself on the inside. since i had wes people tell me i look great and don't look like i just had a baby. well, those people haven't seen me naked! don't get me wrong, i appreciate the compliments so much. but the point is that even though i am skinny (it's in my genes) doesn't mean i have a perfect body that sometimes i find very unattractive. i have my times of nitpicking every detail and getting trapped in the comparison game. my body has changed along with any other woman and is not the body i had before wesley came. but honestly, i don't want it to be. after birth i have marveled at what my body and mind did when they worked together. without my body, wes would not be here. 
i've noticed there is a huge emphasis on 'getting our bodies back' after having a baby. it seems our bodies are talked about more than the person we've become as a new mother. i've never really understood this because i just don't think that is something i need to dwell on. lately i've been listening to those comments and taking them in. suddenly doubting myself and the areas i lack since having a baby. i've never focused on this before, so why am i now? i have been consistently pointing out the bad in my mind and now it's becoming my reality. the way i feel abut myself lately is not me.
the human body is so powerful and so beautiful. you can and should feel great in your skin after having a baby. we need to give ourselves a break. even though my hips are much wider now and i have stretch marks on my chest, it's okay. i gave a little spirit life and that in itself is the best thing i could ever use my body for. i think as women we need to stop having conversations about the way we look and talk more about how our babies make our lives better in every single way. the more we focus on the good, the more that will shine through. 

i accept myself unconditionally right now

please join me as i take on a journey of eating better  and consistently speaking kind things to myself. i'll be sharing as i go along and hopefully have some good tips on eating clean. and if you have any, please share! 

(it's all worth it)