coconut oil

i've heard awesome things about coconut oil.  i put off trying it because it seemed too expensive and i had never tried it so i didn't know what i was missing. now i know it's worth the money! wesley got a rash when he was a week or so old and i read online to try coconut oil. well, it didn't work for the rash but i read the back of the jar and it said it was good for hair, cooking and skin. i learned quickly it has a few good uses that really really work.

cradle cap wes got cradle cap suddenly one day and i thought i just needed to leave it alone and it would go away. a week or two later it was still there, so i looked it up online and reviews said that coconut oil worked wonders. since i had a huge jar i gave it a go and the results were immediate. i rubbed it on his scalp an hour or more before his bath and then shampooed it really well. after the bath i brushed it with a baby brush and the next day it was almost all gone. one more time did the trick and he hasn't had it since. 

eyelashes i just started doing this one because  a friend of mine uses it on hers and they are gorgeous and long. nursing has made my lashes more weak and stumpy and i'd be so sad if they fell out! i'm excited to see if it really helps. 

skin it acts as a moisturizer. it leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth

dry or damaged hair recently i changed my hair color from the blonde i've always had, to a dark brown. pregnancy and nursing really left my hair the worst it's ever been. it was dry, damaged and felt like straw. i was tired of it always being dead on the ends, so i tried coconut oil. i put the oil in 2 hours before my shower and wrap it in a bun, then wash and condition my hair as usual. the first time i didn't see a difference, but by the third and fourth time my hair was like new. the damage is basically gone and my hair is now shiny and smooth. i love that i can repair my hair organically, too.  

do you have a coconut oil success story? if so, please share your experience!

*we found a 32 oz. on sale for $13, normally $30. a 32 oz jar will last at least two- three months for someone with thick hair like me. just recently i spotted a 16 oz. at winco for only $8.