6 weeks old

6 weeks old today. this morning i have been putting together home videos from the time he was born until now so i don't get behind (i loved watching home movies growing up) i have already forgotten how little he was. he's still so little, but in these videos he's tiny. each day we have him gets better and better. i never thought my love for him could change but it does. just yesterday was one of those days where he was so snuggly, happy and smiling more than usual. almost as if he was trying to make my heart burst open more than it already has. it kind of terrifies me how much i love this little being. he's over ten pounds now, loves listening to music, taking baths and of course, being outside. we decided when he turns two months old we will take him camping! we are excited for that. he knows who we are and smiles at us often, which is basically the best thing ever. here's a note from the other morning:

It’s early in the morning and you’ve just fallen asleep from nursing after your normal hour of gas pains. It’s sad but really cute at the same time to watch you get it out, grunting and all. You’re laying on my chest, your most recent preference for sleep, but I don’t have to hold you up. You fit perfectly on my body. I love the way you need me and know that I’m your momma. As I sit here with you and look down at you breathing slowly, I am consumed with love for you. So innocent and pure. I want to hold you and never let go. I want to hold this moment in my heart forever and always remember the way you changed my soul. I know it sounds dramatic, but you really have. Everything is better now. My whole life I have been searching for that missing piece. The part where I reach happiness. Sure I have found it in different moments of my life, but I have always wanted more. Now it all makes sense... It’s you I was missing. I’ve been soul searching for so long wondering who I am and what in life brings me most happiness. I see now that a life with you and your dad is what brings me full happiness and fulfillment. I imagine our life together and it brings a smile to my heart because I realize I don’t have to search anymore. You are my dream and everything I’ve ever wanted for my life. I love you Wesley D.   

here's a video i made so we can remember his tiny personality at this age. 
the little squeaks, sneezes and smiles at the end = heart melted.