his first two weeks

the past two weeks have been amazing with this perfect babe of ours. when i think about it, there aren't words that describe how i feel. he has brought so much happiness to our home and we can't imagine our life without him. before he came i thought i knew how much i loved him, but now that love is so much more than i imagined. everything in life now is sweeter and more bright. more complete. we mostly have spent our days cuddeling while i heal and i dont mind one bit. oh and don't worry, i've only taken over 200 photos of him on my phone. we are obsessed! he already is so different from the day we brought him home. i love seeing the growth and wonder he experiences with all of the new things in his world. he is a very good baby who loves to snuggle, poop, be with daddy and look around. 

>> about to leave the birth center. i love this photo my sister captured!
>> first ride in his carseat and coming home
>> meeting family for the first time
>> always cozy and always napping
>> first time outside for a picnic dinner
>> taking newborn photos and.. napping
>> first family walk around the block 
>> first baths
>> first smiles in his sleep {my favorite}

happy two week birthday my love!