our anniversary and a babymoon

i originally wanted to go somewhere before the baby came to get away for the last time just the two of us (without having to find a babysitter)... i'm kind of sentimental in that way. we thought of maybe a cruise, but then found out you can't go on a cruise once you're 24+ weeks. all other options seemed too far or too expensive or time was limited. point being we never ended up having a getaway, but this last weekend being our anniversary we kind of just joined the two. on saturday we both got off work earlier and went to dinner (tepanyaki.. always tepanyaki), a movie and got ice cream afterwards. simple, but it was kind of a bigger deal for us. it's rare we get to have a whole evening together since i work at night. we saw warm bodies and loved it, it even made me tear up! then on sunday morning we went up to strawberry lake and had breakfast. i can't go camping this late in the game, so this was our next best option and it was fun! just being away from real life was nice and the scenery was beautiful. we sure do love being married. the longer we are together, the more exciting it gets. starting a family is our next step and we couldn't be more excited! it's been the best two years and i look forward to our future and many more adventures with this amazing man.