maternity: 35 weeks

necklace: urban outfitters
dress: motherhood maternity

darren took these photos yesterday after church and this was the best we got. this is the comfiest dress ever, by the way. skirts and dresses are all i prefer anymore. at almost 35 weeks i'm feeling great now that my cold is finally subsiding. since the move my feet have been getting swollen often, which is very strange since i've never experienced it before. i'm feeling huge and uncomfortable at night and dream of the day when i can sleep on my belly again :)  baby boy is moving and pushing a ton making it hard to hold my bladder at times. he's the size of a large cantaloupe! i had my first dream of him the other night and it has made me feel so good about the labor and delivery we will be experiencing shortly. it really has put my mind at ease and made me feel so much more connected to him. but as anxious as i am, i am also trying to be present in the here and now and not rush him. i'm confident he will come when he is ready and i'm trying to enjoy these last weeks we have just darren and i.