hello again

it's been a crazy couple weeks since i wrote last.  probably one of the most physically exhausting times of my life! we moved successfully in two days and we are loving our new place. it's a perfect fit. then all last week i babysat/ helped my sister with her kids while she was in town for a job. the whole week feels like a blur because they were long days and i was so exhausted, but i wouldn't trade it for anything. it was so fun being with them all week long. to finish the nonstop busy weeks was my baby shower that my best friend and sister threw for me this past saturday. we've been planning it for so many months now, i can't believe it's already come and gone. it was perfect!!! i couldn't have asked for a better celebration for our baby. not to mention all the amazing gifts we got that make it feel SO real. the outpour of love and support was so great. after everything was over and everyone went home, i couldn't help but cry my eyes out to darren. the love i felt was indescribable. i have such amazing people in my life. i'll post pictures of the day later this week..

for now i'm back to work on my normal schedule. with such a busy couple weeks my body has given up and i now have a cold that hit last night. turns out moving and lack of sleep destroy your body while pregnant. i don't recommend it! we have 6 short weeks to prepare for baby to come. we went to our appointment this morning and everything is great. he's in the right position for labor and his heartbeat is strong. we can't wait to meet him!