a new chapter

so we've been looking hard for a new place to live for the past couple weeks and nothing seemed to be what we wanted. with baby coming we wanted another bedroom and more space, but the place we are currently living and have lived since we got married is kinda too perfect. cheap rent, nice carpet, utilities included, high ceilings, so much storage space. it's been hard to find something just as good as this little basement apartment we call home. that changed on monday when i found an ad and called the lady to see if we could stop by.. darren went later that day and called me at work to say "it's perfect". tuesday morning we signed the lease and i've been packing up the house since. {which is very exhausting while pregnant if i must say} we will most likely be sleeping at our new place tonight and i am so excited, but also really sad. our home now is just that.. our home. it's the first home we created together and there is so much good about it. and.... now i'm crying.... if i think about it i get so sad!

anyway, as bittersweet as it is, i know this new place means a new chapter for us. the one that includes us bringing our baby home and our amazing summer we will have as a new family. can't wait.