thoughts of today

a couple mornings ago i woke up and found my plants sitting in the window.. darren thought they needed more sunshine. aren't they pretty? the mornings lately have been calm and quiet and i love it. i still can't believe it's already march. not next month, but the month after that, i'll be having our baby. it's an unbelievable thought. i find myself holding onto each moment i have with my hubs lately. i'm trying to remember and cherish this time we have together because i realize it's going to change very soon. it will be a good change and i welcome it with open arms, but i'll miss the time we have together just the two of us. i'm so glad we have had these two years being married to travel and do fun things together. it's been a great chapter in our marriage and i'm excited for the next. i didn't really intend to write any of that, but i guess it's just on my mind. on another note- i feel like there's a constant dance party going on in my belly! he's a crazy one for sure.