healthy snacking

i thought i would share with you lovelies what my favorite healthy snacks are. i think it's one of the hardest parts about eating healthy- all of the snacking in between meals. i've found with my pregnancy, since i have to eat every couple hours, that it's easy to eat quick snacks like chips, cookies, etc. sometimes by the end of the day i realize i've only been snacking all day on unhealthy things. these are simple, but they're some of my favorites:

a couple tips on healthy eating/snacking
1. don't have the unhealthy stuff in your house. if it's not there you won't be tempted to eat it. keep  healthy items stocked in your fridge always. 
2. plan out and take your lunch to work. it's so helpful for me to pack my lunch the night before so i can just grab it in the morning. a lot of times i forget to make it at night and run out of time in the morning  so i end up buying random stuff from the store or eating out. this also helps save money. 
3. drink lots of water. it tricks you into feeling full!

please know i'm not perfect at this stuff, especially right now when sometimes all i want are doughnuts. but i believe it's so important and gets easier with time. start small and work up to it. the other day i was just happy i went one day without having a kit kat bar. celebrate the little accomplishments. you can do it! what are some of your favorite go-to snacks?