avocado club

last week i went to smashburger for the first time with this lovely girl. i ordered the avocado club and it was delicious and healthy! and i give props to anything or anyone that can make me eat avocado and like it. my poor hubby is always wanting me to eat it because its good for my body, but i refuse if it's not in something, like salsa or 7 layer dip. anyway, the bad thing about this sandwich is that it's $7. way too much for me when they don't even give you fries or a pickle...seriously... so i made my own tonight for dinner. so amazingly delicious.
here's what i put on mine:
grilled chicken
bacon bits {i didn't have bacon}
light mayo + ranch
whole wheat flat bun

and i have to say.. mine tasted just as good or maybe even better. baby and i are a happy pair tonight.