week 7 | 52

"a photo a week, for 52 weeks in 2013"
a close up of my new belly button at 25 weeks. it's sore! i'm definitely stretching and baby is growing bigger each day. he's the size of an eggplant and almost 2 pounds. we were talking about how it's crazy to think he will grow another 5 pounds or so before he gets here because i feel huge already. he moves and kicks so much it's insane. his new thing is to shift from one side of my belly to the other really fast.. such a weird feeling. it's an exciting time and it's creeping up on us so fast. i keep thinking i have so much time to get things done before he's here, but i don't really. only three months to go. he'll be here before we know it and i'm anxious for that!

this past week has been a little crazy, but a good crazy. remember how i said my tailbone had been sore and hurting? turns out it was actually a cyst the size of a quarter and not normal pregnancy tailbone pain. i had some of it removed last monday and i was kinda traumatized. being pregnant and having to deal with that kind of pain wasn't really on my list of things i wanted to do. i went home and laid in bed all day and couldn't stop crying. by tuesday i felt a ton better and could barely even feel the wound. that same day our friends tiff and toph flew in from arizona and our fun weekend started there, which is why i was away from my computer all week long. it was actually kinda nice to just focus on them being here and having fun. this was our third year doing a valentines weekend with them and our other close friends that we rarely see. it's always nice to hang out with people who are going through the same things as us. we don't do it enough and it was so refreshing! ill be sharing photos soon of our adventures while they were here. 

tiff and toph have a four month old so we got to practice our baby skills all weekend. darren was so good with her and she adored him as well. i've always loved babies but this time it felt different because i kept thinking of how soon we will have our own. i can't wait to meet our baby and experience the joy they have with little nora. it's a beautiful thing to see how much they love her.