my winter must have products

as i've said before, winter around here is kinda brutal. dry face, cracked cuticles, itchy skin. you know.. the ugly stuff. and even though it's kinda boring to talk about, i feel like i should share my product musts. i know a lot about this area because my skin has seen the worst of it, i live in one of the driest states and i have very sensitive skin. as i was getting ready for bed the other night after my shower, i realized i use a lot of products just to keep out the dryness and i might as well share them all with you. and hopefully i'm not the only one who is dealing with all this cause then i'd just be embarrassed. 

1. my neck and hands get chapped at the beginning of the dry winter season, so barrier repair is my go to. it's texture is kinda hard to explain, but it's smooth and feels like butter {without the oil residue}.. you'll have to feel for yourself. it's amazing. this moisturizer's purpose is to protect from outside elements such as wind, air and cold. it's very soothing, so you can even use it on burns and itchy areas.
2. this one is good for dry cuticles/nails. it works wonders if you are diligent with putting it on. i see so many sad cuticles during winter and i always recommend CND solar oil. i even use it on my toes!
3. i wrote about this fabulous foot foam here
4. about a month ago, my lips had had it. they were dry, cracked and peeling...not cute and pretty painful. i remembered my friend using aquaphor when she was on accutane and her skin was very dry, so i decided to give it a try. i find that if i put it on at night before bed it works best and i can just use my regular chapstick during the day. i wake up with the smoothest lips.. i love it! *found at walmart
5. i think this is my favorite face moisturizer so far: skin smoothing cream from dermalogica. i really haven't found one that isn't too oily or too drying until this. it feels light on my face but leaves me feeling refreshed and hydrated at the same time. of course my skin type isn't the same as every single person out there, so you'll want to find one that fits your skin type. 
6. eucerin has kinda saved my life. i don't know if its the pregnancy, but this winter my skin has been so itchy. like really itchy. when i started to itch my legs, tummy and back darren would tell me to stop and i couldn't! i had bought other products and nothing was working. finally i switched to a non- fragrance body wash + this skin calming moisturizer and finally it has done the trick. thanks eucerin, you saved my life. *found at walgreens

what are your favorite products for winter??