here + there

the other day darren scored three grocery bags full of oranges for just .19 cents a pound thanks to walmart and their price matching. this is the best because i eat oranges every single day. we decided to make some homemade orange juice too. absolutely delicious! it tastes so much better than store bought. i can't get enough of it. what i can get enough of is my horrible tailbone pain, though. but that won't be going away anytime soon. i really feel kinda cheated on the info i had before i got pregnant.. no one warned me of all these things that are happening to my body! darren got me an exercise ball and it's my new best friend. it helps me to be able to stretch and feels really good on my back. he's the best. other than that we are just anxiously awaiting next week to come for our annual valentines weekend getaway with our best friends. this will be our 3rd year hosting it and its always a good time. for v-day i made darren this banner that i found over at the painted arrow. each day until valentines day he gets to open one card and it has something i love about him written inside. it's super cheesy and i love it.