diy: baby bibs

there are so many things i see on pinterest or blogs and think "i want that!" but i don't want to pay $30+  for it. leggings or a bib should not cost that much... it's just silly. so i decided i could make all the things i want instead. let's start with bibs.
supplies needed:
cute fabric
double fold bias tape
old bib for the pattern
sewing machine
mother in law (to help when you screw up)

make a pattern out of tissue paper using the outline of a bib in the size you like. then cut out the bibs.

next, sew the bias tape around the neck line first and then around the outside. the neck line and outside pieces of bias tape are cut separate. this was my first time using bias tape and it definitely takes some practice! take your time and be patient. it looks so pretty when it's all done. the bias tape for the bibs i did measure at 8" for the neck line and 35" for the outside.

and there you go. so easy, totally cute and custom made by mommy!

side note: i've had a pretty weird week and a half. you know those days where you just can't get a hold of it? i can't even pinpoint a specific thing that has happened but i have felt uneasy, alone and unsure. there's a lot going on in my mind all the time lately. my body is changing so i do have days where i am uncomfortable in my own skin, i'm anxious for the birth of our baby, am i enough for my husband, i'm fearful of how much life will change very soon, i'm tired all the time and the list goes on. these last few days especially i just feel like no one understands me.
a couple days ago i sat down to meditate with baby like i do almost everyday. i normally rub my belly, play soft music and sit for 5 minutes while sending him love and thanking God for him. it's a great way to zone out and connect with him and not think of anything else. this particular day as i closed my eyes the tears just came and i let them. i can only hold them in and be strong for so long. as i cried and felt alone, my baby moved right underneath where my hands were placed on my belly and he didn't stop until i was done. some might think it's a coincidence but for me i know it was just what i needed in that moment. the reassurance that i'm never alone anymore and that he feels what i feel. i strongly believe we are connected to our babies in the womb. we are connected through feelings, emotions, thoughts and words. it was like he was comforting me saying "mom i'm here with you.. you have me" it was a moment i won't ever forget and i am so grateful for this time that we get to be so close.