beauty secrets: jane iredale

lets talk make-up. i've been using jane for a few years now. i was first introduced to it at a salon i worked at but i never tried any of it. then the school i went to for esthetics used it, so i got to experiment with it a lot there. i've tried other cheaper brands since, but always come back to jane because nothing works as good! while i was in school i had acne {which was a huge reason i went to school for skin care in the first place} and i truly believe this make up had a huge part in clearing up my skin. in my opinion, you can buy the best or most expensive skin care products ever and still have skin issues if your using the wrong foundation. you get what you pay for. i don't use any of their eyeshadows, but i am a lover of the foundations. people are always asking me what i use and tell me my skin looks beautiful. even after a long day at work, my make up is still in tact and doesn't look oily.

some benefits of using jane foundations:
most of the foundations contain sunscreen
water proof
coverage without being cakey {not sure if that's a word}
great for sensitive skin
a variety of shades to make color matching easy
natural preservatives
a range of foundations from minimal coverage to great coverage
clinically and dermatologist tested

this liquid foundation is the best. i have realized i love how lightweight it is. it might not cover like the bb creme, but i kinda like that about it. it gives me a good base and then i can use a powder on top and not feel like i have a ton on my face. it minimizes pores and gets rid of those little wrinkles and fine lines.

i use this pure pressed powder on top of the liquid mineral foundation {sometimes just on it's own}. it gives my face a finished look before i apply my blush and contains spf, which i appreciate! i definitely recommend using this brush, the handi while applying the powder. it has a flat top which makes it easy to layer and apply evenly and it's so so soft! as long as you take care of your brushes, it's totally worth the money. i have had mine for 3+ years and they're all still in tact.

there is a wide variety of blush or bronzer colors to choose from that come in matte or shimmer. i wear sheer honey. 

dream tint is another great one. i've said this before, but i love a three in one product: moisturizer, tint and spf. it's the perfect summer solution for going to the beach or lake and you just want to throw on something quick. 

lastly, is the bb cream. this is their newest foundation and i have heard great things about it. i have gone back and forth on whether to buy it or not and have decided it might be a little too much coverage for me. but there are girls at my work and clients who absolutely love it! it has spf, reduces the appearance of wrinkle, covers blemishes and is water resistant for up to 40 minutes.

there are so many more products like concealers, lip goodies, and primers. maybe i'll go into that another day!

have i convinced you yet? good.