yummy soup and another goal

It's cold today. I've got a space heater and my jammies on, bundled up. I love days like these when I get to watch the snow fall outside my window. A storm came through last night and gave us plenty of snow for the next month! I love it as long as I'm inside. My sister was here for about 24 hours and I was able to spend a little time with her and her business partner. My oldest sister and brothers came this morning for breakfast at our house, too. I love seeing out of town family even if it's every couple months or whatever. I'll take it!

Also, I started my new years resolution last week, but have also added another one. I'll be a week late but I don't mind. I have always wanted to be better at my photography skills, so I'll be challenging myself to a photo a week. I got the idea from a couple blogs who are doing the same 52 week challenge. Why didn't I think of it? It's a great goal and simple enough since it's only once a week. I will probably photograph food mostly since I am already going to be posting about my healthy food resolution anyway. Wish me luck.

IMG_6761The photo above is from our lunch today. Not healthy at all, but my sister was in town and I'm not about to resist this delicious-ness from Thai Pan {that's the nice thing about a new day- you always get to start fresh.} It was my first time eating there and I ordered the tomato basil soup with a grilled cheese. To die for. And how cute are the bowls and plates? Love.