his universe

as i mentioned in my 20 week post, baby has been kicking so much lately. everyone told me at first i would feel kicks every now and then, but that's not the case for my baby. once he started he hasn't really stopped. and i love it. a couple nights ago i was resting on the couch and he was kicking as usual, but the kicks were a little harder. i lifted up my shirt to see if i would be able to actually see the kicks and i could! the joy i felt was so overwhelming. it makes it really feel real, you know? it reminded me of a section of one of the books i'm currently reading...

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA"Throughout pregnancy your body is your unborn baby's universe. You are the rivers, sunlight, earth, atmosphere, and sky for this being growing within you. Your baby's body, mind and soul are intimately intertwined with your own. Together you express the creative flow of life." Magical Beginnings Enchanted Lives author Deepak Chopra M.D.

isn't that beautiful? it really puts in perspective what we are going through together. i love that i'm his universe! i feel so blessed.