diy: date night jar

like most couples we know, darren and i are super busy right now at this time in our lives. we both work, juggle family and social events and darren goes to school full time. sometimes all of that makes it hard to find quality time to be together. with the new baby coming i want to make sure we have that solid foundation together so we don't get so wrapped up in our adorable baby that we forget each other. we have always been good about finding a day or morning during the week to hang out, but i think it's also really important to have a date night each week where it's planned, set aside and effort is put into it. it can be easy to get too comfortable and stop putting effort into a marriage. so, i came up with this simple date jar.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAitems you'll need:

mason jar {or any holder}

cute ribbon

chalkboard paint


wooden craft sticks

PicMonkey Collagei think another reason we have kind of let the date night slip is because we are super cheap. we are! we don't like to spend money on silly things, so i came up with a bunch of cheap or free date ideas that I thought of or found online. it doesn't have to be expensive... the important thing is that you are together and being creative with it. and besides, i think cheap and cheesy is so much more fun sometimes! these are a couple other ideas in our jar:

make breakfast together and eat it in bed

watch a sunset

go bowling

make a pizza together

volunteer together

go to the farmers market

visit a museum

have a spa night- my favorite!

star gaze while cuddling in a blanket

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAwhat are your favorite dates? please share!