beauty secrets: love your feet

this winter has been especially harsh on my skin. living in utah alone dries it up like no one’s business, but this winter has been bitter cold and left me with dry, itchy skin. one of my biggest fears is having nasty, dry, cracked feet now and when i am old.. this probably has to do with giving people pedicures for a living and seeing all the different types of feet out there. it’s hard though, to find products that really help with this. i’ve found the best combination for keeping my feet hydrated and smooth looking. i started with the callus remover and it works amazing, but my feet were still dry. then i finally gave the dry skin formula a try after my co-worker told me to buy it like a million times. i was hesitant at first because i didn’t want to be buying it once a month, but this really lasts 2-3 months because a little goes a long way. i promise.

use callus eliminator once a month or twice if you need it. squeeze a little onto a square piece of foil and put it on your heel for a few minutes. this will activate it and it will start penetrating the callus. remove the foil, wipe off the product and use the foot file to slough off the callus. you will be surprised at how well it works and how much dead skin comes off. even if you don’t have cracked feet, i recommend this for anyone because it exfoliates off the dead skin. file off just enough skin until it feels smooth.

use footlogix every night or after you shower. i like to put mine on at night, moisturize with lotion and put socks on for a little bit. you don’t have to wear socks right after, but i feel like it keeps the moisture in. at first i felt like this would be an extra long thing i had to do before bed, but now i see how fast and non time consuming it is. my feet are so smooth and soft… i can’t believe how well it has worked!! we have clients that swear by this stuff and now i have actually seen how good it really is.
all the products you will need are pictured above. i’ve found this has worked for me. i use the #2 formula which is for dry feet, but there are other formulas for cracked, very dry etc. believe me on this one… your feet will love you. you’re welcome!
{all images i got from google images and you can find all three of these products at}