Beauty Secrets: Dry Shampoo

Do you hate washing your hair like I do? Because my hair is thick, curly and frizzy I have kind of always hated my hair. I like to straighten it and keep it smooth looking most days. Since I have been pregnant, though, I have been wearing it curly almost everyday because I'm lazy and I am trying to grow it out. I have actually learned a lot on how to control the curl recently, but I'll get into that another day. For now I want to talk about dry shampoo because it's still a new thing people are learning about. Since I straighten my hair a lot it can be really time consuming, hence the reason I hate washing my hair. I like to go 3 sometimes 4 days between washes because it's such a pain! That's where dry shampoo comes in. It's perfect for those in between days and a bottle lasts forever because you aren't using it everyday.

Some reasons dry shampoo is awesome:

>> It's perfect for people with thin/finer hair or bangs who get oily quick

>> One bottle lasts a long time. There are also smaller bottles you can throw in your purse or use for travel

>> It's cheap. There are a lot of brands out there, but I find Batiste being the best and the cheapest

>> Smells great. Not only does it give you a clean look but it smells good and there are a lot of different scents to choose from

>> Easy to apply with the aerosol can. Just lift up the sections you want clean, and spray.

>> Some also come with color deposits in them to cover up those grays or roots between color visits