the truth: on health

We got home from our Christmas week in Mexico last night. We had a blast! Each day was so much fun and we didn't want to leave. I did so well all week staying hydrated and making sure I wasn't eating anything too dangerous or bad. Well, since it's me, I did end up getting sick. We ate at an authentic Mexican place the last day we were there and afterwards I felt like maybe it was a bad idea, knowing how sensitive my stomach is. I felt okay the rest of the day and the next I felt a little funny, but it wan't until last night I woke up with an angry tummy and feel so crummy today.

157344580701946657_FiehJsEd_cToday I just feel so defeated. Since I had my gallbladder out in 2010, I have been careful about my fat intake and tried to stay away from all the things I know upset my stomach. This was very hard at first due to the fact that cheese fries from Del Taco are my favorite, but eventually I have mastered it and I feel that I have done a good job about being healthy. Then earlier this year I started having pain in my upper abdomen and figured it was heartburn. Well, in September we found out it was stomach ulcers and I was prescribed some medication. My doctor also told me to take out starches from my diet. Potatoes are my favorite food, so obviously I wasn't happy about this. I have been healthy my whole life and that's why it gets to me. Why is this happening now? Why all of the sudden do I have to watch every little thing I eat in fear everyday that I won't feel well? We didn't drink soda or eat sugar cereals growing up. I have always loved fruits and veggies and I can give up unhealthy stuff pretty easily. The frustrating part is if I eat one candy or one bagel it can make me feel so yucky the rest of the day. Since I have been pregnant I have been even more careful and always try to give my baby his nutrients, but lots of days I feel like a failure. I feel like no matter what I eat I will always have this constant problem.

So, with the upcoming New Year approaching, I have tried to think of a goal I am passionate about and decided my New Years resolution will be healthy eating. I'm going to master this. I'm not a soda drinker and have already  given up fast food, but I want to become more educated on ingredients, learn more healthy recipes and have a better understanding of what I'm putting in my body to make it so unhappy. My goal is to go more natural and cut out the unnecessary fats and sugars in my diet. I will still save one night a week where I eat dessert because I believe in moderation.{and sweets are too good to be cut out completely} I'm going to share my journey with you and hope to hear from you on different ways you eat clean, as well!